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We understand that after making a booking that you may move house or need to have the tickets sent to a different address. But before you put your change of address request through there are a few things to be aware of so that we can help you. Please take a look at the info below first and we’ll update your details as quickly as possible.

I haven’t made a booking yet – do I have to wait until I’ve booked tickets before changing the address?

Nope! Before you book your tickets, just log into your online account and click Edit Billing Information. Updating the billing information in your online account will only store the address for any bookings you might make in the future – for any outstanding orders you need to get in touch with us click here.

I’m Moving house soon – can I update my address now?

If you've moved house recently, please get in touch with us click here as soon as possible to update the address on your order. Please remember if you are moving house soon to wait till you've moved before requesting a change of address – there’s always the chance that we’ll send the tickets early before you move.

The tickets weren’t booked on my card – can I still update the address?

Sorry, we can only update the address if the cardholder for the booking contacts us directly – it’s a security issue. If the tickets were bought for you as a gift or your partner booked the tickets, we’ll still need the cardholder to contact us. If you’re not the named cardholder, we won’t be able to make any changes to the order.

Can you send my tickets to an alternative delivery address?

We can send them to a non billing address 72 hours after the booking has been made. Just click here, choose Change of Address as the category and be sure to fill in all of the fields. If your tickets have already entered the dispatch process however, we will be unable to update the address for you.

My booking says the tickets are processing – can I still change my address?

We can't update the address once we've started to process your tickets for dispatch, as we’re unable to single them out from that point. You can check whether your tickets have been printed by logging into your online account and the order status will tell you if your tickets have been printed. 

How do I contact you with my new billing address?

It’s really easy! Just click here, choose Change of Address as the category and be sure to fill in all of the fields. It’s really important that we have all of the info before we can update your order – just so we can be sure that we’re dealing with the cardholder. You'll need to make sure you provide us with the order number, the billing address you gave us when you booked, the last four numbers of the payment number and your new address. If you need to change the address on more than one order, please be sure to include all of your reference numbers.

Festival bookings 

If you've booked tickets for Creamfields or Big Feastival just follow the instructions above. If you have booked for any other festivals click here and follow the instructions to update your address yourself.

I've sold my tickets through Get Me In!, can you send the tickets directly to the buyer?

We understand that sometimes you might not be able to attend an event after you’ve booked, so you may decide to sell your tickets through our partner site, GET ME IN!.  However, although GET ME IN! is a Ticketmaster company, we don’t share databases – this means that, due to data protection, we’re unable to change the address on your booking to your buyer’s address. You’ll still need to have the tickets sent to your address first, then forward them on – this is to prevent any disputes with the buyer about receiving the tickets.

We’ll send the tickets to you as soon as possible – the latest you should expect them is around 5 days before the event. If you have any concerns about sending the tickets on to your buyer late, please contact GET ME IN! directly for further advice.

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