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As you could use a single word or group of words for the subject you would like to perform search, you can also ask questions. Frequently Asked Questions search system is supported by the Natural Language Processing technology, it intends to provide you the most appropriate answers related to the issue you are searching.

Please, try to use explanatory expressions and try ask clear questions when you are performing the search as much as possible. For example; such as, “What are the payment terms?” or “Can we buy tickets by instalments?”

If you think that the answer you have found is not sufficient, you can fill in the form when it appears when you answer the question of “Is this answer sufficient for you?” as “No” and you can reach us in order to receive more detailed answer. Customer Relations officials will contact in the shortest time possible.


We'll send your tickets out as soon as we get the go ahead to print from the client, or when we receive the stock from the client. As we do not have overall control of the fulfilment process it's quite difficult at times to be exact with dispatch dates. However the latest you should receive them is around 5 days before the event.

We'll keep our Ticket Dispatch page updated for all the big events happening across the UK over the next few months, so be sure to check back there for general information. If your event isn't on the dispatch page don't worry, we're adding more events all the time. 
To check if your order's on its way out yet, just log into My Ticketmaster and go to your order history – the Order Status in your account will change to show that your tickets have been printed, and the latest you should receive them is around 5 days before the event. Please keep in mind that this status won't change again - tickets have been printed and are on their way.

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You can search using a single word or phrase, just like you would with a search engine. So for example, if you’re event’s been cancelled, just type in the name of your event and we’ll bring up all the information we have.

Or you can actually ask us a question and our system will give you a list of answers. For the best results, make your questions clear – for example, “when will you send my tickets?” or “what type of cards do you accept?”

If the results don’t quite answer your question, click the Contact Us tab which will appear once you’ve clicked on an answer. From there, you’ll be able to send a message to our Customer Service team.

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