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A presale is where tickets are released to a select group of people before the general public. Presales are typically made available to members of the artist's fan club, people who've booked previously for a particular venue or customers of a particular company like O2 or American Express – it really depends on the event.
Anyone eligible to book during a presale will usually receive an email beforehand, containing a password or a secure internet link which allows access to the tickets. This will be sent directly from the fan club or venue – wherever you signed up for the presale – so we don't have any access to passwords or links. If your password doesn't work please contact whoever provided you with the link and password and they'll be able to issue a new link. We don't have any access to the passwords and can't issue new ones.
If you're looking to access the presale for a particular artist we'd recommend checking their official website and keeping your eye on the media for details about upcoming tour dates.
Please note that if you are unable to book in a presale that tickets are always limited availability and have access to the presale never guarantees tickets. Our best advise would be to try and book during the general sale. Please read our helpful tips on how to improve your chances of getting tickets for busy events by clicking here.
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